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Industrial and intellectual property advice

We offer comprehensive advice on the field of industrial and intellectual property, which includes conducting searches in order to know the viability of a registration, worldwide registrations, worldwide surveillance, legal defense and protection of industrial and intellectual property rights.
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Trademarks and trade names

Brands are an intangible asset of great value that serves to identify the business origin or a product or service. Our firm specializes in the prosecution of national, European Union and International trademarks (worldwide).

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Industrial designs

Industrial Designs protect visual appearance of a product as well as its novelty. Industrial designs add value to a product, making it more attractive and appealing to customers. The protection of a design is a fundamental part of the commercial strategy of any designer or manufacturer, because it improves the competitiveness of a company.

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Patents and utility models

Filing a Patent or a Utility Model is the best way to protect innovation, granting its holder an exclusive right on the invention, and allowing it to prevent third parties from using said invention without its consent for a limited period of time, also reducing uncertainty, risk and competition from counterfeiters, and providing it a strong position in the market and a competitive advantage.

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Just by creating a work gives its creator an author’s right or copyright. Therefore, authors must adequately protect their creations and know which their rights are to avoid or to put a stop to unfair practices.

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Domain Names

A domain name identifies a website on the Internet, therefore, its choice is fundamental given the growing presence of companies in this medium, acting in practice as a brand on the Internet.

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Legal defense

Molero is a multidisciplinary firm specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property. Besides conducting searches in order to know the viability of a registration, we also take care of the legal defense of our files, providing legal advice in order to defend the rights and interests of our clients before the Spanish Courts and the European Union Trademark Courts.

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